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A high-quality, modern, mixed use retail and industrial development for Louth

Bride Hall Developments is bringing forward proposals for a new retail and industrial site to Northfields Park, Louth. If approved, the site will provide long-term investment to Louth via the creation of an ‘inland hub’ which offers mixed retail and industrial space. Our site will be spearheaded by national retailer Tesco,  offering wide choice and low prices.

An application has now been submitted to East Lindsey District Council (REF: N/105/01181/23), and we expect the Planning Committee to make a decision in the coming months.

This webpage is a platform for supporters who wish to make their support for the applications known. By filling in the form, your supportive comments will be sent to us, who will then make sure to submit them to East Lindsey District Council on your behalf.

By completing this form and submitting your personal data, you agree that your details can be passed to the Local Planning Authority at East Lindsey District Council as part of the planning application process, and that this information may be viewed as part of the inquiry process. Click here to read our privacy policy.

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